Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Seven Things Meme

Okay, everyone has been tagged for this 7things meme, so I thought I'd follow through and get it over with! You may not want to know, but here it is for all the world to see!

1.) I have never gotten a speeding ticket. My driving record is actually spotless! My hubby's on the other hand is not. All of our vehicles are insured in my name with him as a secondary driver!

2.) I LOVE to incorporate THEMES in almost everything I do. Preaching, teaching, decorating, social events, any event! I like things to flow and I find I flow best when everything has a common denominator! I even preached a sermon on Desperate Housewives once using every DH thing I could find to "impress' my theme.

3.) I was once phone interviewed about a possible apprearance on Rachel Ray but nothing ever came out of it. It was an honor to be considered- but I sure would love to actually be on there one day!

4.) I enjoy watching Run's House. He considers the secular music channel he is on a ministry platform. I really like the show and find that at times it reminds me a little of my home!

5.) I can't drive a sticj shift! I've tried but I get frustrated and nervous!

6.) I lived in Florida for the first 30 years of my life.


Anonymous said...

How dense am I? Run's House...Rev. Run from Run DMC, right? As in..."I'm down with the King..."

I always skip over that one, but I may have to stop and give it a try sometime, lol!

Mauro C. said...

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