Monday, June 19, 2006

"My Bleeding Heart"

Though it may seem that I feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities at our Day Camp, the reality is it was only that way for the first few days. I now feel MUCH more confident and I'm learning to roll with the punches. NOTHING surprises me anymore! However, my heart is getting more and more tender towards these kids.

Today Logan, age 10 (* not his real name) came in and his mom mentioned that his dad left home this weekend. She was not expecting this- especially on Father's Day.

Last week a foster kid, Randy (*not his real name) came to us for only a week, but had the best week behaviorly and personally! We were so proud that he overcame the stigma of being that "labeled ADHD foster kid." However, despite our best efforts to express our joy, his foster mother seemed irritated that we were bragging on him. On his last day, he was so upset that it was his last day that he vomited. After calming him down, I suggested we call home, but he begged me not to... he wanted to stay.

I have dozens of other stories, and my heart bleeds for these kids... it is times like these that make me realize the power of God's love, mercy & grace... and my desperation to share it with these kids.

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