Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day @ Christ Central... It's a WRAP!

My blogging has unfortunately remained sporadic over the last few months. As much as I don't like it, I have also decided to stop apologizing for it. I have 24 hours in a day and well, about 30 hours of work to do each day not counting sleep, so some things are being minimized for now!

Anywho.... MOTHER'S DAY!!! It was (as PD says) UH-MAZING! I am fully convinced and confident that Craig and I have some of, if not the MOST incredible people at Christ Central! These ladies BROUGHT IT! Not to mention that their efforts brought in over 30 new guests! We had a record crowd!

We had our ladies doing everything on Sunday! We celebrated WOMEN! They greeted, they ushered, they led worship, they danced, they performed drama and they ministered!

The theme was "The Real Housewives of CC: No Obstacle is Lethal Enough to Erase the Potential We Possess!" I wrote a 20 minute drama that portrayed a "reunion" special of a 'faux' reality show featuring CC housewives. It was awesome! And our graphics gal went ALL out with the video graphics... they were incredible!

I brought the Word following the drama, "No Obstacle is Lethal Enough to Erase the Potential We Possess,,, So ARISE!" and them we ended the day in the presence of God with salvations (woo hoo!!!!), healing, restoration and a fresh infilling. The ladies made a demand on the anointing and God showed up in a powerful way!

We also gave away movie tickets, a Cuisine Art Coffee Maker, I-pod, massage, manicure, facial, haircut and coffee. And every woman received a swag bag filled with makeup, hair care, perfume, and lotion samples, jazzercise lesson, pens, tissues, nail care items, candy, homemade fudge and cookies, and $50 in coupons and discounts!

I have been in such awe of what GOD is doing... it is HIM... and I feel humbled DAILY to be used by Him...

You can hear the drama and message here... and I have included a link to photos here and YouTube clips of the dance ministry and a little bit of worship as well... enjoy!

BTW- for those of you who have contacted me wanting a "how to" and the drama and message notes... give us some time to pull these together and in the meantime... email me at with your email AND mailing address. We are full aware that there is nothing new under the sun and we would be thrilled to share!

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