Monday, May 04, 2009

He's So Mmm-Mmm Good!

What a beautiful weekend it was at Christ Central in Dallas, Georgia! As Bishop Miller always says, "It is amazing what can happen when you just show up!" Show up we did, praying, expecting, believing and full of faith...

We had close to thirty guests... and ten responded to the altar for salvation and
rededication and God is proving Himself in other areas as well... it was an awesome day in the House of God!

This week we will hit the ground running. We are planning a huge Mother's Day event where we will celebrate mothers and ALL women. Our theme, "The Real Housewives of CC..." will exhibit drama, a message, powerful worship and dance ministry... AND we're giving away a spa package!!!! And every woman will receive a swag bag with goodies! And yes, chocolate will be involved!

We're believing for a powerful move of God! I'll post a lot more throughout the week and after the event... but I'll tell you now... I am SO excited!

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