Friday, April 24, 2009

Headed Out

I wanted to blog quickly before we head out for the weekend. Chances are I will not get a chance to sit down again before Monday, although I will try.

Kaitlyn and Kelsea are attending the Relentless ROC Student Ministries Retreat this weekend, we'll drop them off at the Kellum's lake house where close to 40 young people will encounter God over the next few days. They are so excited!

After we drop them off we are headed to Dallas, GA to stay the whole weekend. Haley and Lexi are going to the circus with Jacquline and Kyle.They have to leave early in the morning so we're just going to head over there tonight, especially since it is race weekend this weekend. If we don't leave tonight we'll be stuck in raceway traffic for hours. Tomorrow Craig and I will just have Izzie most of the day tomorrow. That hasn't happened in quite a while!

We are SO excited and ready for Sunday at Christ Central!God is continuing to move powerfully and we are declaring and believing for 10 souls a week!!! This past Thursday CCD stocked the pantry at the local elementary school I wrote about a few days ago. The pantry was down to a few loaves of bread and CCD rose to the occasion and lived the Gospel message through giving! We even have a plan to continue feeding the children through the summer!

I have to run now so I can finish packing the girls...

Love & Blessings,

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