Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Brush Your Teeth!!!

I recently was asked to try out Oral Bs newest toothbrush for children... my two youngest LOVE the size which is easy for them to hold and maneuver in their little mouths and the bristles are soft, not sharp. All that said, their favorite thing is the color and characters on the brushes... the pink had Disney Princesses, and the red had Disney's Cars.

Oral-B Stage 3 is for kids who have a full set of baby teeth. At this stage, permanent molars are beginning to grow in while some baby teeth are lost. The brush features cup-shaped bristles that surround each tooth and a Power Tip that easily reaches around and behind back teeth. The larger handle and non-slip grip will help your child improve dexterity and brushing technique. Oral-B Stages is the dental professional’s #1 recommended toothbrush brand for children.

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I just rediscovered you today. I forgot how much I enjoyed your site. You are now on my Google reader so I don't forget again!