Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Peace of God

It is high time I blog about "my world." I've been hesitant to do so (publicly) because Craig and I have been so intent on hearing God right now. We have had (and still do) our ear to the heart of God and have been moving only when He tells us to. And if you have ever done that you know that this process is often anything but rapid!

When we arrived we began running full force, both feet on the ground, barely got settled and as we were finalizing paperwork for our facility.... God spoke a resounding, "WAIT!" So, we did. We have learned the hard way that when God says WAIT... God means WAIT! There is no deep rooted Greek preface.. He means WAIT! SO we did, and we have been praying, fasting, praying, and fasting, listening, listening and seeking His direction.

Craig shared with me that he is learning not to allow his passion to override his peace... or I should say, HIS peace. That is an incredible lesson, one we have failed in the past. However, as we have used that attitude to fuel our prayer life and mission... we have found ourselves in the lap of the Father. And from here, things look so different! Even His words have taken on new life.

This has been a LONG month, almost two, but it HAS been a month of peace in Christ. Craig and I have neither one experienced anxiety or felt pressure to "make something happen" where at one time we would have. We so want to walk out our destiny and purpose in Him... HIS way, because it IS the best way... not the only way... but THE BEST WAY.

I say not the "only way" because there are times we take the LONG way and waste a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears running around in circles until we finally "get it..." and obey Him.

As we gear up for what God is setting us up to do in this region, please be in prayer with us as we tune in and hear the voice of God... moving when and as He speaks...

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