Friday, March 13, 2009

My Turn

I posted, or reposted Gary Lamb's post about Pastorswives/Churchplanter's wives and I asked readers to answer my nosy questions, and a few of you did... thanks for that!

1.) Does you husband lead/pastor the church himself or do you partner with him in leading/pastoring?

Craig and I co-pastor. We are partners in pastoring just as we are partners in life, marriage, parenting, etc.

2.) Do you prefer that your spouse keeps you in the dark regarding pressures from the church, (i.e. financial, pastoral care, etc.)?

No way.. and he couldn't even if he tried! Come on ladies, you know we are gifted with discernment!

3.) What issues as a wife in ministry do you feel bring you the most grief?

Judgmental people, competition that breeds ugliness (competition should be healthy not tear down), backbiters, complainers, and laziness!

4.) What, if anything, would you add/change about Pastor Lamb's post?

As everyone else has stated, just that there are a variety of levels for a ministry couple to function in a pastorate. Personally, because Craig and I co-pastor, we tend to see couples who share this function gravitate toward us. Those who do not share it, while I do not think they are wrong in the way they function, sometimes have a hard time feeling like they fit. I have experienced the opposite of this dynamic and it is very difficult to try to force yourself in a place that you simply do not identify with. To that woman, to that couple, I say, be true to who God has called you to be and don't allow the opinions, callings, and preferences of others define you. God will help you find your place where you will function in the role He called you to.

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