Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my friends! In celebratory mode, I want to post a little prose I wrote for Take Root and Write this week. Our day has been fabulous and I'll post more details later... but for now... enjoy!

Twas the Snowball Before Christmas

Twas a week before Christmas and a certain southern gal,
Found herself shoveling snow in boots, coat and nightgown.
Muttering, yes, grumbling to all who could hear,
"What a pain is this snow," said she with a sneer.

One hour later, cleaned up and all dry,
Our misplaced southern belle bid her family goodbye.
In her warm, cozy car she steered through the ice,
Through small drifts of snow as she longed for her vice.

To Starbucks she plowed ducking shoppers and holly
Where liquid chocolate and whipped cream would make her feel jolly!
With a muffin in tow and grande cup in her hand
She hummed with the radio, a carol by Dave Matthews Band.

With caffeine kicking in and feeling somewhat merry
Our girl stepped in the mall, arms ready to carry...
Bags and packages, some big and some small,
Home for wrapping after leaving the mall.

When what to her unbelieving eyes did appear,
As she pulled out of the garage and her eyes to the right did veer...
Three more inches of snow had fallen and then
Looking up she did notice it was snowing again!

With a smack of the steering wheel she flipped the wipers to on
Wishing for temperatures that would melt the snow gone
A sudden thump in the middle of the window brought her back
Then she turned her head to the left where she saw a boy eating a Big Mac

"Hey you!" she hollered with the meanest voice she could muster,
Then she realized the window was up and her face got all flustered!
By this time the boy dropped his Mac and did run...
When in his direction the car's engine she did gun!

"Mess with me," she said aloud as she did chase
And then it did end when a one way street she did face.
"I showed him!," she said smugly as she put the car in reverse
When out jumped the boy and his mother swinging her purse!

The look on her face, it was one the belle had seen,
It was crumpled and mad, a lioness sort of mean.
"This can't be good," she said as the doors she did lock.
"Perhaps we can handle this if we just talk."

She opened the door of the car, and stepped into the snow
"If you'll let me back up, I'll leave, I'll just go..."
The coast did seem clear, the was no sign of the pack
And then a huge snowball hit her square in the back!

It did not stop there, stop, it did not...
Instead they kept coming, pop, pop, pop, pop!
She tried to reason, "I'm" (pop) "sorry" (pop) "I scared" (pop, pop) "the wee lad."
(Pop) But no one was listening, our belle had been had!

From every side pelted with snowballs, one by one,
Giving in, our heroine laughed aloud and joined in the fun!
Finally exhausted and spent from the fight,
The boy's mother came out with a smile quite bright!

"I don't know what came over me," she bashfully shared.
The belle shook her head and her own soul she laid bare.
Tears running down her rosy red cheeks, "My heart has been bitter, mean, ugly and cold."
"But God used you to warm it with a few balls made of snow!"

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Melissa said...

I love it! Hope you had a merry one! We did. I also pray an abundant New Year full of blessings and grace. Love ya!