Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

I was given this blog award by my sista friend Deanna Shrodes. Thanks my sista! I treied to post some things that I don't think I've ever said, but like Deanna said, I generally let it "all hang out," so I am not sure! Either way.. enjoy!

Seven things I did before:

1) I was a newspaper reporter/writer.
2) I taught preschool.
3) My siblings and cousins used to dress up as crazy little “elves,” write songs and make “guest appearances”.
4) I played viola (like a violin) for several years.
5) Taught myself how to use a computer (Mac and PC) several years ago. The education has not stopped though… something is always evolving!
6) Got a wad of gum stuck in my BFF’s hair in the middle of an Amy Grant concert.
7) Won $200 in a drawing at Christmas time!

Seven Things I Do Now:

1) Prepping for the launch of Freedom House Alabama!
2) Teach my daughter to drive.
3) Write a monthly column for Take Root and Write, called Feminine Fire
4) Writing a book and planning to co-write a book with Deanna Shrodes
5) Getting ready to move back South! 6) Prepping for launch of Feminine Fire Network
7) Wonder how it all gets done… because it always does!

Seven Things I Would Like To Do:

1) Get a contract to write books…
2) Go to the Sudan
3) Launch a ministry for women in the “adult entertainment industry” (working on this now)
4) Renew my vows with Craig in 2011 and go on a second honeymoon to Hawaii
5) Go to England and see where my parents met, married, where I was born, etc.
6) Vacation for a week at a resort with Craig and girls
7) Go to Vegas with some of my sistas for my 40th birthday! (no, not to gamble…)

Seven Things That Attract Me to My Hubby:

1) His passion for literally everything!
2) He dreams BIG!
3) He sees me as an equal partner.
4) He cooks, cleans, AND does laundry all on his own!
5) He loves God with all his heart!
6) He needs me (and I need him)!
7) We balance each other VERY well!

Seven of My Favorite Foods:

1) Mashed potatoes
2) Mashed Rutabega
3) Broccoli in any form but raw (it makes my mouth itch!)
4) Chocolate
5) Deli sandwiches
6) Tacos
7) Frontera salsa and chips

Seven Things I Say Most Often:

1) Have mercy!
2) That ticks me off!
3) You have got to be kidding!
4) “Tara Sloan” (on the phone)
5) Hey!
6) Oh my word!
7) I mean it!

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