Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie-Lynn!

Today is my oldest daughter, Kaitlyn's 16th birthday. Sixteen! I can hardly believe it! In two years she'll graduate high school and then be off to college. Wow, where did all the time go?

She is such a good girl. She has a heart for God and a desire to serve him. She is also a very talented dancer, choreographer, singer, and has a knack for media arts. At the age of 13 she preached her first sermon, and at the age of 14 she was leading dance ministry in our church.

We are so proud of her and the woman she is becoming!!!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn Brooke!

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Jocelyn said...

Wow, that is such a blessing. I love to see what God is doing with with young people in the arts. I bet Kaitlyn and my daughter would get along great. My daughter who is 8 loves to dance for Jesus also.I am her teacher, and the Lord is now opening doors for us to dance together. I am going to show her your post. Praise Him in the dance.