Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Greeting from The Sloan Family

For those of you who did not receive our Christmas letter, I thought I'd share it here...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As many of you know, 2008 has been quite a ride for the Sloan family! After moving to Chicago from Alabama on December of 2006, we find ourselves two years later heading back to launch a work we know God has called us to. In February 2009, we will make residence in Calhoun County, Alabama where we will launch Freedom House Church in the spring of ’09. We are excited, and ready for this new opportunity God has entrusted us to! With that said, we wanted to share some fun facts about the family…

Kaitlyn turned 16 and has been learning to drive. This has been a gradual occurrence that will probably always cause us to pray harder than we ever have! All in all, she is a super young woman. She continues to dance and choreograph and has developed a keen talent and interest in media arts. Kaitlyn, a sophomore attends Lane Tech College Prep where she is in the Honor’s Program.

Kelsea turned 14 today, yep, three days before Christmas. She has been reminding us daily that she will be getting her learner’s permit this time next year. We’re going to need knee pads for all the praying we’ll be doing with two teenage drivers! She continues to excel with honors in school and is a natural leader. Kelsea is on the cheer squad again this year. Last year they placed 2nd in the city of Chicago. She is also in the school choir, drama club, and tutors for kindergarten. Kelsea won the school wide Spelling Bee and performed in the school talent show. She also dances and assists Kaitlyn with choreography.

Haley is our preteen, tween, I guess they call 11 year olds now a days. She is a very outgoing too. Haley was selected for the school choir and also joined the Poetry Club. She has a knack for poetry and songwriting. She plans to aggressively pursue guitar this year and begin putting music to her muse!

Lexi (Alexandria) turned 6 this year. She is a very busy first grader with a newfound love of math and science. Many nights will find her in our laps begging for an impromptu math quiz or with a plethora of facts about the environment, animals or how rainbows are formed. She is also a fantastic dancer and has a beautiful singing voice! However, her career of choice as of late is to be a veterinarian.

Isabella is a lively two years old, all curls and giggles! She loves Dora and Wizard of Oz. Lately she has made it a mission to “love” on our cat Bama Belle as much, and as tightly as possible. Bama Belle is gracious! Izzie has, in the last few months, taken up a real interest in cooking. If Tara or one of the girls is in the kitchen preparing something, she is right there with her mixing spoon and stepstool!

We have had a great year in our ministry both Craig and I have experienced new opportunities that God continues to unleash. We are all healthy, happy and eager to embrace the next opportunity God is laying out for the Sloan Family! We appreciate your love, prayers and support. We could never do what we do without the anointing of God, and the love and support of you, our family & friends!

Love & Blessings,

The Sloan Family

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