Friday, November 07, 2008

Guest Blogger... Shelisa Hull

My friend Shelisa Hull co-pastors with her husband Billy in Valdosta, GA at The Winner's Church. She wrote this blog post recently.. and I just had to re-post it here....

Guest Blogger... Pastor Shelisa Hull

Please do not read this post if you are easily offended and overly sensitive. This post is the cry of a prophet calling for the end time warriors to gain strength and push into the enemies camp and advance the Kingdom of God!

2 Kings 19 : 3 {Amp version} "Hezekiah said, 'THIS IS THE DAY OF {extreme danger} and DISTRESS, of rebuke and chastisement, and blasphemous and insolent insult; FOR CHILDREN HAVE COME TO BIRTH AND THERE IS NOT STRENGTH TO BRING THEM FORTH,"

Ladies and gentleman I have been preaching and blogging the last few months about birthing. I believe that we need strength in these last days. The problem according to Hezekiah was that it was time to give birth but there was no strength to bring forth. I believe this has been true of the church for the last few years or maybe even decades. I believe that God has impregnated us with revelation and truth for this generation but we have become weak individuals that could not push forth the secret truths and hidden mysteries that have been hidden for us in these last days. This not the time to rest or get comfortable. We have to push like never before. We need strength for the battle. I have prophesied that 2008 will be the YEAR OF BREAKTHROUGH and 2009 will be the YEAR OF MANIFESTATION! When I first begin speaking of breakthrough I will be the first to admit I did not know all that it involved. Now that we are at the close of the year and I have studied and prayed and meditated on this word all year I am beginning to see what is happening. Let's look at it.....

Breakthrough means:

* 1. a sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique

* 2. an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line in warfare

We always think of breakthrough in the first definition "a sudden advance" we like that.....we like the idea of suddenly and we like the idea of advancement. This is part of breakthrough but what I have learned is that part 1 does not happen without part 2. The second part of the definition of breakthrough is an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line in warfare! In other words there has to be a thrust....A PUSHING..... that carries us beyond and into the enemies line.

So here is what I believe Spiritual Breakthrough is - Warfare that causes you to seek God's will, purpose and agenda for a set time or place then push it, {birth it} from the realm of the spirit into the natural realm while simultaneously moving into the enemies camp, beyond the defensive lines and taking dominion thus bringing a sudden advance to the Kingdom of God.

The devil draws us into this nice little box and says can live a simple, mundane, non-threatening life inside this box....but don't cross this line. Can I just be honest with you and tell you what I believe. I believe most Christians have become comfortable in their devil made comfort zones. Custom designed to keep them right in the middle. They don't drink, cuss or chew of hang with anybody that do.....but they are not advancing the Kingdom of God!! They are stale and stagnant. They have a Sunday School mentality of the Christian life. They believe the "Good Book" is made up of good moral stories but they are not ready to do warfare and break past enemy lines and have BREAKTHROUGH manifested thru them.

I understand that we are in a season of breakthrough and we are right on the edge of manifestation. I know this is the case because things are more intense now then they have ever been. We are making headway inside enemy lines....we are in the place of war. The battle is on! Are you going to be one of those who decides to retreat and go back to your lazy-boy way of being a Christian or are you going to man up, put on your spiritual armor and FIGHT! The Bible says that the Kingdom of Heaven sufferth violence and the violent take it by force. The Bible also makes it clear that if you are a fence riding, lazy boy sitting, comfort zone living christian that you are considered luke-warm and He will spew you from His mouth.

I believe we are in the last days. There is a clarion call going out that all intercessors, gatekeepers and watchmen are hearing. There are dividing lines being drawn......who side are you going to be on?

Be Blessed,

Pastor Shelisa


Pastor Shelisa Hull said...

Thanks for the post... I am rather intense right now on what I am hearing! Thanks for putting it out there for me!

Love ya!

Deanna Shrodes said...

I read it on her blog and wanted to run around the room and shout. If I didn't have this dumb cold, I would. Anyway, I wasn't the least offended of course because I'm eating out of the same box of Cheerios. Somebody Shelisa will join us in person for the Cheerios, Tara.

Taking it by force girls...

Love you