Thursday, October 23, 2008

What If?????

First, I have to say Happy Birthday to Craig... I hi-jacked his blog earlier just to say Happy Birthday to him!

I left everyone hanging a couple days ago when I blogged about PAG and Pastors Mark and Judy (snagged a photo off of Facebook!)… but I came back to finish up! By the way, Craig spoke to Mark today, and all I can say is WOW! There is something BIG that can ONLY BE GOD going on there! I would LOVE to share it all BUT we are really trying to get them to blog this journey on their own… so I’m only going to share bits and pieces. You’ll have to wait for them to blog… (hint, hint guys!)

On Sunday morning, Craig challenged PAG with a “What If..” campaign. It was awesome and there is NO WAY I could ever do the message justice by trying to blog it here! Basically, he presented a picture of the lost of their community, of their friends, family, neighbors, etc. who need Christ and asked them…

What if… you reached your community for Christ by meeting the needs of your community?

What if… you posted a sign in local bars stating, “Call ***-***-**** if you are drunk and need a ride home..?” No strings attached… but you intercede like crazy and ask God for an opportunity to present the Gospel when you get there!

What if… you invited your friends, family, and neighbors to attend Sunday worship experience with you?

What if… you found a way to be a blessing to your area schools?

What if… you posted a sign or handed out cards to women at abortion clinics (after they have
just experienced what will more than likely become a debilitating decision) that offered them a safe place to seek counsel?

What if… just fill in the blank…. You get the idea! The sky is the limit!!!!

After the message, Craig showed this video…

Following the video, Craig presented the “what if” challenge… and asked everyone, “What abut now???” As Christians, we have been commissioned to reach our world, to be His hands extended.

At the closing, each person was given the opportunity to come up front and write on one of two walls on opposite sides of the platform, names of people they were believing to come to Christ. Now, with this action came the acceptance of MUCH responsibility. Writing a name on that wall meant pledging to God that they would pray for this person, invite them to church worship experiences, share Christ with them, and implement the “what if..” campaign in an effort to reach them for Christ.

Those sharpie markers were flying…. And as each person comes to Christ, Pastors Mark and Judy will be stamping them SAVED!

Craig and I, are partnering with them in prayer over every name on the walls and also through out the campaign… and we told them we would be encouraging AT LEAST 30 more churches to partner with them in prayer. Will YOU join us??? Remember, a win for PAG is a win for the Kingdom!

If you will be partnering in prayer with PAG through the “What If…” campaign, email them and let them know at


Sweet Mummy said...

I think these "What If....?" questions can be pivotal. Sometimes we just don't think about "what if" and this opens up the options. Very cool!

Pastor Shelisa Hull said...

For some reason I thought I already commented on this....but even though I didn't I have been praying and I can't wait to hear how these Pastors and that church are doing in the future!