Friday, September 12, 2008

What a Week!

This has been an interesting week. With that said, I would also like to say that Craig and I and our girls are going to be just fine. Thank you for your calls, emails and concern. One thing is certain, I have the most incredible sistas and friends! My email inbox has been overflowing with encouragement and scripture. THANK YOU! And Deanna has offered herself night and day. THAT has been such a nice reprieve, the fact that I can call her up and complain, cry, scream or ask for advice. Folks, this will be another post very soon... but Unstoppable was a complete and utter set up for everything I am facing right now. I was prepared and now I am overcoming! Praise God!
For those of you I haven't spoken to or emailed, Craig and I got quite a shock this past Wednesday. Upon his homecoming from a series of powerful meetings in Lake City, FL, he was met with the unfortunate news that due to economic and financial hardship, four position were being eliminated from the church where Craig served as Connections and Outreach Pastor. The church made other percentage cuts as well. Let's face it, our economy has not made it easy for anyone these days. However, we still serve a BIG God!

To be honest it has been a very difficult few days. This action has placed a tremendous hardship on us, as it would anyone. Financially, and it has also displaced us. Kaitlyn is quite upset because she was extremely involved in youth and headed the youth dance team. But again, we trust in a BIG God!

Right now Craig and I are being forced to consider things we never considered prior to this happening. Unemployment benefits are totally foreign to me. BUT I do know that God knew all of this was going to occur before it ever did, SO my trust is in him!

In the natural, we do wish it had been handled differently, I mean what pastor wants to have to make such cuts?? My heart goes out to all of the people there. They are calling us and asking lots of questions. Some we can answer, some we choose not to, basically because we just don't have the answers right now. We are waiting on God!

It is getting late and I am literally falling asleep as I type this. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow.

We appreciate all of your prayers!


Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Tara-we are still praying for you. I can understand your feelings about seeking aid-it is very hard to do, Brett and I have had our kids on "free lunch" (we still would if they went to public school!) and our kids are on state supplemented health care (which is a joke in florida)and Spencer gets SSI and I am getting SSD. It is hard but I have always said-I am gonna be "real" and I try not to waste any experience. God may use this time so you will know how to minister to others who may go through it in the future. I am not telling you anything you do not already know-but that is the perspective I try to keep as we struggle. Hang in there, Girl!

Deanna Shrodes said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again...some of my thoughts on this (I've shared them, you already knew them, but just reminding you...a hodge podge of my thoughts this morning, in no particular order.)


I am here day and night...

Many others are standing with you as have friends all over the nation who are standing and will do all to stand, and then keep standing!

We're not taking this laying down.

I'll move heaven, hell, earth to help are my covenant friend.

We don't understand "why" to everything right now, and you're in a painful spot that can't and shouldn't be minimized (and I hate to see your babies go through this) but, God may have gotten you out of there right in time...before the boom is lowered. He's moved you out for your own protection...the house of cards is getting ready to topple.

In a few years we're going to know the whole back story on this and be amazed...

Right now you're taking it day by day, moment by moment, situation by situation,'re doing it with many friends to help you figure it out.

This is the perfect set up for a miracle. To receive a miracle you have to have a need.

I'm praying for your children especially. I know how painful this is for them -- they haven't lived enough of life yet to understand what we do, and I pray their tender innocent hearts be protected. Surely church politics are the worst on the children, no doubt. God protect these babies...

The best is absolutely yet to come. You're going to get double for your trouble.

If you want to have a special prayer meeting, I'm totally in...just say the word.

Love you my friend...calling your name before Him this morning...and I'll keep calling it til' we see the breakthrough.

(((hugs))) to you and yours...wish I was here...I understand now your desire a few months ago to hop on a plane to come to me. I just want to be there.

~ all my love

Anonymous said...

Go check out my Myspace page - my profile song is one you need to hear...


Tara, I am praying for you and your family.

Blessings my friend.


Tara, I am praying for you and your family.

Blessings my friend.


Tara, I am praying for you and your family.

Blessings my friend.

Ida said...

When prayers go up blessings come down,All my prayers and support to you and your family.