Monday, September 08, 2008

Unstoppable Conference Recap...

I am way overdue for my Unstoppable recap. Blogging about it is bittersweet. The event was marvelous, however, it is over for this year. *Sigh*

My flight in from Chicago was easy and uneventful. No problems at security (not that I am a risk or anything!), no screaming babies, and good weather. Upon my arrival, Deanna had arranged for a woman from her church to pick Jessica Smith (Oklahoma) and me up. Her name was Celia (I hope I spelled it right!) and she greeted us with roses. It was such a sweet gesture! It was the first time Jessica and I had met face to face too. She attends my Bishop's church in Oklahoma City. We met online through the Pastoring Partners Network.

We arrived at the hotel greeted by Cathy and Lisa, Deanna's right and left arms.... as well as Deanna herself! Deanna and I squealed as we hugged each other tightly! Although we "talk" daily by phone, email or blogpost, at this point we really only see each other once a year. Still, you'd think we were joined at the hip because we never miss a beat! Goodness I miss her... :(

We holed up in our gorgeous suite for about three hours and had some good old face to face girltalk! Then we prayed together and discussed the upcoming evening. Dinner was delicious and so nice. The staff was gracious and very friendly.

Jenn Lee and the worship team did a bang up job leading us into the presence of God. Sandy Phinazee led a corporate prayer before Deanna came to minister. Sandy knows how to pull down heaven!

Deanna spoke on "A Series of Unfortunate Events," based on the book of Ezekiel, aka "Wrecks." If anyone is qualified to minister on that topic, it is Deanna. Not that she IS a wreck... it is that she has learned how to "keep on ticking" even after taking a licking! And it doesn't stop there! She "shows up" in spite of every events, circumstance and situation that would knock 99 out of 100 people out for the count! The anointing of God was all over her that night! There were women who received a touch from God, something they were desperate for.

We had a tremendous time at the workshops on Friday morning. Three hours of power packed, practical information followed by a great lunch and scrumptious fellowship with Deanna, Jenn Lee and Sandy Phinazee. How I wish for another day like that! I miss my girls from Unstoppable!

I didn't mention yet that I also met for the first time (in person), Melissa Kelly and Carrie Ball. My mother and her friend Janet joined us as well which was such a special treat!I also met Jessica Lewis and caught up with my friend, Pastor Judi from Palmetto Assembly! We met last year and I felt a more defined connection with her. Craig and I are looking forward to heading to Palmetto and spending some time with Judi and her husband Mark. There were many others that I caught up with and met for the first time. The networking and connecting at this event was magnetic. I have never been to an event with such successful networking and connecting. It was heavenly!

On Friday evening, after a great time of worship, I was honored to bring the Word. My message was entitled, "The Breaking Point." The anointing was strong in that place. The Lord ministered mightily and prophetically. The presence of God was rich and so sweet. We all just stepped right into the flow. (For those who were unable to attend, I posted a portion of my message at Take Root and Write this week...).

We stayed up WAY too late on Friday night... getting all giddy and silly as we nestled into our new relationships with each other. I cannot explain the comradarie.

On Saturday we began with a panel discussion which offered both practical and spiritual insight. Following the panel, Deanna and I tag teamed about Covenant relationships where we shared our story and offered pratical and spiritual wisdom concerning building a covenant realtionship. Martina McBride's video, "Anyway" was played and left few dry eyes in the room. After that we took communion together and cosed in prayer.

My heart was and remains SO full. I cried on the way home. Deanna kept a piece of my heart with her. And all day Sunday I was a little mopey because I missed Deanna terribly and really wanted to spend more time with her, Sandy, Jenn, Jessica, Judi, and all of my other sistas!

Unstoppable 2008 topped even last year which was very difficult to do since it was also such an incredible success. The difference was this year held a "relational theme" and a comradarie that built a sisterhood of sorts. I feel as if I made lifetime divine connections!

And THAT is why my heart is a little sad... I miss Deanna terribly and I wish I had another week with my new sistas!

I can't ait till next time but until then, we'll all be burning up the keyboards on our computers! If you didn't make it this year, make plans NOW to attend next time... you DO NOT want to miss out on this tremendous opportunity!!!!

(I posted a few photos.... there are more on the next post...)


Melissa said...

Girl, you rocked it on Friday night! You have no idea how much your message hit home with me. I am a new and different person and even my husband can attest to that! You are amazing! The fact that we live in the same state but at different ends drives me nuts. Can't wait to see you next year if not sooner! God bless my new sista! Love you!

Deanna Shrodes said...

I miss you...

crying again as I read this post for the second or third time...

someday this conference will just be sweet memories but right now it's also mixed with the ache of missing you and everybody...but especially you, my friend. For now we cannot eat out of the same exact box of Cheerios every morning, but we have to symbolically do it across the miles. :-)

I love you!