Sunday, September 28, 2008

Driving (with) Miss Kaitlyn
& Other Sloan Stuff

Our weekend has been both busy and relaxing. As I type this I am sitting up in my bedroom, partly because I have a snuffy (as Izzie says) nose and partly because I am resting before Craig and I relax for a bit together and watch Amazing Race and some other new shows. Sunday nights have kind of become "our night" when the kiddos go off to bed. I usually last about 2 or 3 hours then I am nodding off!

Yesterday we did our bi-weekly grocery shopping. It is a serious ordeal, and a little time consuming. I took the older girls to help me. First I hit up Aldi and grab anything on my list that I can get there. Plus, the little ones like the fruit cups, and I like their price compared to everywhere else! The we head to Meijer in the suburbs where we finish up! It is about 2-3 cartfuls and every checker groans when they see us coming! The checker this week said he was about to signal the manager to come out, shake our hands and throw confetti. LOL! But, I stock up for two weeks at a time and we rarely, if ever eat out. Maybe once a month, and we might do take out once as well. The girls take their lunches too, so we end up getting the best bang for our buck!

While pulling into Meijer, (which has a very long industrial park driveway which is not used much), I was somehow coerced by Kaitlyn to allow her to drive and show me what she's learned in driver's ed. Evidently, she has learned to "park" so, in a moment of weakness, I said, yes. What was I thinking?

It seems she forgot to mention that they had not learned to use the gas pedal yet, as a matter of fact, they get into trouble if they even try to use the gas pedal. Instead, the cars are wired to cruise at 5 mph and they use the brake pedal and gears only. For some crazy reason, since I was unaware of the no gas pedal rule, I told her to put her foot on the gas which she did, and was doing quite well...going 10 mph for about 10 feet. Then, when it was time to turn, I gave the instruction to flip the turn signal on. I don't know if it was the confusion of pressing the forbidden gas pedal and flipping the signal, but she made this huge serving motion that almost through us into a small tree, thank God she managed to remember where the brake was!!!!! Anyway, I took over from there... and then told me about the "forbidden" gas pedal... We'll see how soon she'll get to drive again...

In other news, Craig and I have been taking some courses on churchplanting which have been awesome! They are interactive and come with lots of homework and some terrific resources. It seems God is triggering some new possibilities and potential doors through taking these courses... I'll be sharing more in a week or two... as we continue to seek the Lord and listen...

Until then, I'm going to bathe my little ones and get them ready for bed!


KK said...

Maynnnn,whatchu talkin bout?!?!?! You KNOW im the best driver ever. I drive better than you AND dad (no doubt about that.) I just had a moment of weakness, that's all. You know I'm sick! Don't listen to her people. I am a VERY safe and superraw driver.


Melissa said...

The swerving and almost hit a tree....I have to say I almost lost it reading that. My babies are not even old enough to think about it but I do remember helping my sister learn to drive and I distinctly remember swerving and we almost hit an orange tree! Hope you have a blessed week!

Deb said...

Ah yes... we have a student driver too. Yet another reason to drive me to my knees!


Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Oh Lordy.....I am already dreading those driving days!