Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have been knocking out so much work today that I looked up about an hour ago and saw it was almost 4 pm! Whoa! I am on a roll! I'll be able to go home and do the same tonight. Dinner is in the crock pot, Craig has a meeting and I'll have some time to focus. I smell opportunity!

One thing that must be done is getting the house ready for Haley's birthday party tomorrow. she is so excited! I am planning a very girlie "Spa Party" complete with ALL the trimmings... facials, manicures, pedicures, and makeovers. Of course we'll also have chocolate fondue, little snack trays and banana splits! We're also going to watch the new Cheetah Girls movie and then some of the little girls will be sleeping over! Saturday morning will find Daddy (Craig) making pancakes. Then he has to head to a church workday and I have to take the two older girls to Steve and Barry's in the suburbs for some school clothes. I have finished getting the school supplies and all of Lexi and Haley's clothes.

It has been such a chore this year! I suppose because we've had so much going on with our move, work, and Craig and I both have upcoming ministry appointments in September.

Before I sign off, be looking for a special announcement in the next few weeks. It is something I am SO excited about.. I can't wait to share!

Until then...

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! You've got me curious as to your announcement. I'll take it as an opportunity to learn a little patience then. Your party sounds like a lot of fun and an extra special memory for Haley. So, did you get a chance to "focus"?