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It is official! We have moved! And we are almost fully settled in. So, yes, I'll be blogging daily again. It is nice to know when you are missed! Thanks for the emails!

Last night Women Driven to Pray held its first tele-prayer meeting. We had 51 women participate from ALL over the nation and Canada. Let me tell you, these women prayed the roof down! The Lord spoke prophetically through the leaders and we shook up every camp of the enemy possible!

This is going to be a quarterly event, so stay tuned for details on the next one! You don't want to miss it!

I'm not going to blog long tonight but I wanted to sign off with a few testimonies and reports I have received as a result of last night's prayer meeting...

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Prayer Meeting on last night, it was totally awesome and Spirit filled. I appreciate you, Pastor Deanna and the other Ladies that took the time to not only pray for personal prayer request but to pray for our nation, our families, ministries, etc, you all left no rock unturned.

With prayer warriors and intercessors like the D2P team the enemy cant help but flee! Once again thank you and know that your work will not go un-rewarded - you're doing a great work. I JUST FEEL SO BLESSED ON TODAY and I know that it's because of the prayer on last night.

A small testimony: I had my phone on speaker as I listened, I didn't realize that my 22 year old was listening as also until he asked who was praying, I explained what was going on and his response was - (ok, well the Lord knows we really need that) mind you, he's a backslider - he listened to almost the entire call, I'm expecting a change in him real soon!

Please pass this on to the other ladies for me, if you dont mind

In His Service,

Pastor Melissa

Here is another…

We had an awesome time at church I think more women could try this in their churches.......Billy set up the speakerphone on the podium and put the mic on the stand just over it. We dialed them in so that they could hear....but you could not hear all of them praying (which probably was a good thing because it got pretty loud and intense!! :o) I used my cell phone and dialed in as a panelist and although I had to pray from my office (to prevent feedback) I could hear the intensity of the women in the next room praying. Tara, it was awesome. From time to time in between my turn to pray I would open my office door and stand in the sanctuary and watch the women weeping and crying out to God! They were so blessed and so excited. They are already asking how often we can do this. One of the ladies that called in on her own that attends my church told me that she was the women on her knees in her living room crying....she has been dealing with severe depression. She called me this morning to tell me she woke up this morning with more peace and joy than she has felt in a long time!!! Praise God~!! (Pastor Shelisa Hull)


Pastor Tara,

The teleconference was such a blessing to me! My cell phone just spent its best hour and 29 minutes! I felt the power of God released particularly during the prayer for pastoral families. I am believing God for manifestation of all that was decreed. Those prayers put so much expectation in my heart. Please do this again and again and again! I am so grateful for the power of all those sister witnesses, and I will surely tell some friends about Driven to Pray prayer events.

My Redeemer lives,



Tara I really pray that a movement would come out of what happened last night and not just another event. I really believe you have tapped into the heart of God regarding this.

Please let me know whenever you have another event. I would definitely like to be apart and to invite some other prayer warriors on the call as well…


Tammy Vaughan

"Impacting the WORLD through PRAYER"

Another ...

Praise God! I didn't know it until later last night, but one of the men from the church was over helping Craig put up Lexi's bed. They heard me in my room praying with everyone and Craig told him about Driven to Pray. Chris was ecstatic and wanted to pray too so they sat in the other room praying as well! As he prayed he felt that this ministry would blow up into a major movement in the nation.


I just had to share this... last night Pastor Deanna was praying the phone lines down about gas prices falling.... look at a headline I received just a bit ago... here is an excerpt...

Oil prices drop about $4 after storm threat eases



NEW YORK - Oil prices plunged in a massive sell-off Monday, falling below $120 a barrel for the first time since early May after Tropical Storm Edouard appeared unlikely to threaten oil and natural gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico........

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