Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Sloan Update

We've been back for a little over a week. Last week was crazy when we got back. On Monday Craig had to have emergency dental surgery which literally turned into a huge fiasco! Then we found out that our house which had been on the market 2 months was sold! They close August 1st so we've been house hunting. We think we found something, please pray with us that we get it!

Our two oldest girls will be heading to camp next week. Kaitlyn is going to the AG Youth Camp and Kelsea is headed to Discovery Camp where her Aunt Gigi and Uncle Lupe (and girlies) are. She'll be flying alone for the first time. They are both very excited.

Lexi started Day Camp at the church and she is exhausted when she arrives home! Lexi is at Titi Susan's. Haley has been busy with birthday parties and sleepovers. As a matter of fact she has another one this weekend!

I have been working, catching up on work. We just moved into a fabulous new facility. It is very nice but you know how moving goes! There are a fair share of glitches! All in all I love it! I am also working on my part of a new project that I am thrilled to take part in. It is called Christian Women Take Root. There are a couple widgets in my sidebar.. check them out. I have also been doing some article submissions.

Craig has been working on some new ideas for Assimilation that I think are brilliant! He'll be sharing more on his blog later.

Well, I think I gave a nice brief follow up. I'll check in again tomorrow. I am headed to bed!

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A Hoosier Family said...

Are you going to remain in "your neck of the woods"? Or are you planning a distance move? :0)