Thursday, April 03, 2008

For Such a Time as This...

The last week I have taken a little time at night and spent it with the Lord. It has been so intimate, so private, just Jesus and I. Tonight I listened to a prophetic declaration given by Pastors Dave and Jennifer Ragan to Craig and I. I have not listened to that word in almost 2 years. As I listened, something is my spirit stirred.

There are some folks who would say, "Why would that stir you? You are not there anymore, I guess you missed it!" And at one time I would have certainly agreed, however, one thing about the prophetic is that the more we try to define it and interpret it and put it in a box, the farther off we are! You see the Word of God tells us that we only prophesy in part... we simply say what we see, however, we are not the author and finisher of that Word!

As I listened to Pastor Jennifer and Pastor Dave, my heart swelled because I know that though that word was given two years ago I know in my heart that it is for such a time as this. I will share more about this in the weeks to come. My heart is full and I want to listen more before I say anything else. It was as if this word had been tucked away until tonight.

God has been so good to us. He has kept His hand on our lives and He has vindicated us and set us apart. His hand is upon us so heavily and mightily that we MUST respond and fulfill His plan.

I thought I would share the word they gave us, I feel impressed to because I believe it is a word for someone else as well. God is moving folks, let's listen... ( to listen click on the button below...)

Love & Blessings,

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