Friday, March 28, 2008

Peace, Chili's, Celebrity Crushes, Country Music and Cheerleading

Hey ya'll! I have yet another report on my quest to bring peace to the world.. well, at least my part of the world. I intervened in a screaming match at work today and told a couple of people to "knock it off." They did... I don't know if it was because of me or if it was because they suddenly came to their senses... but they stopped nonetheless. Everyone else was standing around watching not doing anything more than spectating. I was tired of listening to them yell at each other and a child was in the vicinity. I am not going to dish out details because it was so incredibly ridiculous that most people probably wouldn't believe me. It was more ridiculous than a dropped blouse, trust me!

Anyhow, Craig and I have hurried home to get the girls settled and then we are going out for dinner at Chili's. Just us... :) We stopped and picked up a couple of pizzas for the girlies and the new Dr. Doolittle movie. We'll get them fed and cleaned up then we'll start their movie and head out. Kaitlyn and Kelsea do a great job of holding down the fort. Haley is also a big help.

I have to mention my disappointment over Trace Adkins losing to Piers Morgan on Celebrity Apprentice last night. I was rooting for Trace all along and according to Craig I have developed a big ol' country star crush. Admittedly I have turned into a huge country music fan over the last five years. And yes, Trace is among my list of favorites as is Martina McBride, Allison Krauss, Sugarland, Rascall Flatts, Tim McGraw and a few others. Country music has changed a lot over the last decade and I have turned into a fan!

Not to worry, this preacher girl is also way into everything Jesus related first and foremost!!! I just so happen to believe that ALL music belongs to God in the first place... He can clean up anything or anybody! I am livin' proof! I love finding the sacred in the secular. Yes, it is SO possible! I once did an entire Mother's Day Outreach themed around Desperate Housewives. We had a record crowd and God moved! We also used a Celine Dion song for Father's Day one year as a special dedication to Dads... "Because You Loved Me!" Here's one more, we did "Extreme Makeover: Church Edition", a knock off of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." One day I plan on posting some how to's and pictures of some of these events. They were incredibly effective, relevant (remember my favorite Batterson quote?), and people got saved!!!

So, how I ended up here is beyond me! I never thought I could go down a rabbit trail when talking about Celebrity Apprentice! Anyway, Piers won, yeah, yeah... and Ivanka will be having dinner with Trace Adkins... she won it in the auction... lucky girl!

Before you all exit this post and head to your prayer closets.. really, I am not lusting over another man... only my hubby gets that kind of attention from me... and Trace is also happily and faithfully married... had I won that dinner it would have been a double date... Craig is also a Trace fan!

Tomorrow is Kelsea's big Citywide Cheer Competition. She is SO excited! We just ran and picked up her uniform from the cleaners so she can look extra sharp! I will definitely get some pictures tomorrow! Pray for her and her team! GO PANTHERS!!!!

Love & Blessings,

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