Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Break the Limits Off

If you attend a church that is even the slightest bit full gospel then you have more than likely heard of Israel Houghton and New Breed. I believe Israel is on the cutting edge and has the true heart of a psalmist and worshipper. However, this is not an advertisement for Israel and New Breed. Actually, I wanted to comment on one of his songs and what God revealed to me through it.

On Israel’s “Live in South Africa” CD project, there is a track where Israel is singing right before he goes into “No Limits.” His words are… “I’m not a man, I cannot lie. I know the plans for your life. I’m asking you to dream again, believe again. Take the limits off of me. No, I’m not a man, no, I cannot lie. I know the plans I have for you, they’re my design. So I’m asking you to hope again, and trust again. And take the limits off of me. ( And I hear the Lord say), “Take the limits off, take the limits off. Release me to accomplish what I promised you. Take the limits off of me, take the limits off, release me, release me.”

As I listened to this recently, the Lord spoke so plainly to me. “Tara, why are you, why are my people asking me to take the limits off of them? Don’t you all understand that I am a limitless God? “ I realized that many people believe that Israel ‘s lyrics are going from us, God’s people to Him. However, Israel is singing a song from the Lord here. The Lord is speaking through him to us, His people.

A light came on in my head and I realized that it is people who put limits on God! And because He is a gentleman and would never force anything on us He never forces Himself on us we fail to see that we are the hindering force to what He desires to do! One thing God gave everyone of us is a will. He won’t cross OUR will and Satan can’t. So, if we choose to allow God to move only so far, He won’t go any farther.

I have been praying, asking God to reveal to me where in my life I am limiting Him. How about you? Are you limiting God? If so, hear Him as I did in Israel’s song… and take the limits off of Him.

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