Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds!

Friday night I was among the lucky parents who braved the masses of tweens and accompanied my 13 yo, 10 yo , 5 yo and 10 yr old’s friend to the Hannah Montana 3D Concert at the movie theater. We arrived about 40 minutes early and got into a line already fishtailing near the exit doors. Apparently the doors would not be open until ten of 7. I got the kids in line and hopped into the next line to pick up their complimentary 3D glasses (boy are they nicer than the paper ones I had in my youth!). As soon as the doors opened the line picked up and moved fast. The girls and I grabbed seats near the front then we ran out to get popcorn and soda before the event began.

It was amazing to see that there were NO empty seats in the place. Upon speaking with one of the Assistant Managers every show they had was booked and had been since December. The place was crawling with squealing little girls and a few little boys too.

As the concert started we all put on our 3D glasses and watched Hannah, Miley and the Jonas Brothers come to life. The show was well put together and had some cute behind the scenes footage that was nice filler. When the Jonas Brothers were introduced a huge scream erupted from the theater. Evidently, (and I have been educated by some knowledgeable tweens) Nick is the “cutest” brother followed by the other two (sorry I forgot their names) but the guitar player is last on the “cute” list. I found this funny because he was the one I liked the best- he had personality… oh well what do I know?!

My girls (except for the 13 yo who is too cool) danced and sang the entire way through the concert. It was so cute and quite humorous at times! I was proud of them for hopping up and having a good time, when they began, many other little girls hopped down to the front too and joined them. Funny how such a fun situation can provide insight regarding leadership qualities!

The concert was great and the 3D was really done well. They have a great time and I enjoyed being with them. Afterward we ran for a quick dinner then home.

They were all beaming from ear to ear and felt like they had truly experienced the Hannah Montana concert… and it only cost me $60- not the astronomical amount of money that the real concert would have!

Truth be told I am thankful for Miley /Hannah- she is proof that a girl can experience success in the entertainment industry and keep her values.

Anyway, that was my Friday evening- a long one but fun and time spent with three of my favorite little rock stars (Kelsea, Haley and Lexi!)!

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Alana said...

Hey Tara! Stacia and I went to see this on Friday, too. We got to go in the morning so it was very enjoyable. I too like the Jonas brother that plays the guitar but Stacia didn't say if she really like one. I think she likes them as a group. It was very fun and the 3D was great. I love your blog and keeping up with you. Keep up the good work, Couz.