Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008! Ain't It GREAT!?

It's here! It's here, it's here, it's here! I am so thrilled to start 2008! I am ecstatic that 2007 is OVER! 2007 was one of the most difficult years of my life personally. To describe in detail some of the things I walked through is not something I am going to do, at least not here and not now. I am going forward, and I am not looking back.

I spent a quiet evening at home last night. I was supposed to attend a New Year's Eve service last night but I had three sick kids! So, all but one of them cocked out early and I did some housecleaning which really made me happy! Waking up to a nice clean house this morning was wonderful!

When I woke this morning two of the three seemed to be feeling somewhat better and they were rarin' to go! They wanted breakfast so I made them cheese omelets and started cooking my traditional New Year's Day lunch. I threw a brown sugar and mustard glazed ham into the oven, started slow cooking a big pot of black eyed peas, onion, and ham hocks, mixed a dirty rice casserole and corn bread... the only thing missing was a big pot of greens! I couldn't find any that looked good around here so I opted out! Still we had a true southern meal complete with the obligatory black eyed peas... they are supposed to bring good luck for the new year! Okay, so we don't really believe in "good luck"... we just like to eat black eyed peas for tradition sake and because they taste good with ham!

We just finished eating our lunch and now everyone is scattered off in their own corners. A game of Clue is going on in one room, football is on downstairs in the family room, I am blogging in my room and Kelsea has the little girls upstairs in the Playroom dormer dancing to the musical Wicked. I am going to take advantage of the alone time and work on completing my goals and state of our union address. I'll be back to share more later... I just had to stop in and say a big ol' HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

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