Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WHAT in the World!?

At the gym I picked up a magazine while I warmed up on the stationary bike. It was a magazine I never read before so I had no idea what to expect. The cover slated that it was geared toward the modern mom.

I came across an article that explored one mother's experience in telling her children about the "birds and the bees"... sex. Okay, been there done that, will do it a few more times in my life. It is necessary and I was interested in what the "modern mom's" POV would be.

Most of it was the normal conversation, and I was pleased when at one point the author told her six year old that sex was a beautiful thing between a husband and wife. This came after her inquisitive daughter asked about being"sexed up." When the author asked her what she meant by that she explained that her friend at school told her that "Barney 'sexed up' Big Bird and they had Baby Bop." What?! These are SIX year olds!!!!

My approval (not that it matters to anyone) went south rapidly when I got to the end of the article. The author voiced her concern over having told her daughter to wait for marriage. Sh actually said she was more concerned with her daughter waiting to have sex or make love and ending up with a husband who is a horrible lover than she was was about teen pregnancy and the possibility of her daughter being promiscuous and getting pregnant! Huh!? Is this woman off her rocker?

All this then I come home and the girls report to me that Nick star Jamie Lynn Spears (yes, Brit's lil' sis) is pregnant. 16 years old! Have mercy! Well, at least she's been able to play the field, huh "Cookie" magazine! So, I immediately tell my girls that I am disappointed and explain the ramifications of her choice to have sex as a teen. Of course it gets complicated when teen magazines give her the cover and allow her to say why it is okay. Glamourizing teen pregnancy is a huge mistake. This young lady has money and the ability to hire people to deal with the difficulties- most teens do not. Please Jamie... have your baby and warn other girls NOT to have sex before marriage.

Then at 10 pm I watched an interview with a group of teens who rescued a newborn (with attached umbilical cord) from a dumpster in New York. They are looking for the mother.

Sigh, and your number one fear for your daughter was what Ms. Modern Mom?

Love & Blessings,

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Anonymous said...

A lady in my church directs the town's crisis pregnancy center, and said that in the past year, she's had two students from the local ELEMENTARY school come into her office...pregnant. We definitely need to be talking to our kids about sex at an early age - obviously, someone's talking to them about it...