Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I was so excited to read about this new meme... here is a"repost (8/17)" that talks about my own personal weight loss journey which is happening currently... as an update, I am down 35 lbs- and counting!

Let's Get Physical! (And Fit)

After much soul searching and decision making, I made the decision to make some life changes. Those changes included losing weight by making better food choices (for the whole family) and exercise. To support me in my choices I decided to join my workplace Weight Watchers group and Craig bought me a gym membership to Bally's. He is athletic and has always lifted weights, he's pretty buff if I do say so myself!

Anyway, I am happy with the gym membership and I started yesterday. I walked a couple miles on the treadmill then Craig came and told me it was time for my "circuit training." Huh? What he SHOULD have said was, "Step into my torture chamber and be in awe as I make you do things your body will scream at! "

He took me from contraption to contraption and I was doing pretty good- in pain- but good until something called "The Natilus Gravitron." I ain't talking about the fair ride either my friends... The Natilus Gravitron uses a bit of anti-gravity magic to reduce your weight (HA!) to make it easier (DOUBLE HA!) to do pull ups or chin ups. I've never been able to do a full pull up before, and being barely 5 feet tall and in need of losing weight did not make it look any more promising!

Anyway, Craig told me to climb up on this contraption that looked like something you could use to give birth on (not happening either) and put my knees on this platform that was seriously up 6 feet in the air and, hang on, pull myself up at the same time when it was low enough!

Okay, so while I'm telling him I don't think this is a good idea he is the "encouraging trainer" saying, "Yes you can babe! You can do it!" You would think I would know better! BUT, yes, I climbed up and I mean climbed, put my knees on this contraption and it started moving downward very fast. So, naturally, I started to freak out- very fast! I said, "Oh, oh, I don't like this!" Then I grabbed onto a bar, some random bar, but I'm still sliding down...

Craig: "You got it! You got it! Pull yourself up when you get down low enough!"

Me: "No, I can't. Oh no..."

Craig: "Yes you can, come on..."

Me: "I'm gonna fall..."

Craig: "No, you won't..."

I start to freak out and grab hold of his head as I am in mid-air. Picture this: Knees on this sliding platform thing moving downward, one arm hanging onto a bar and the other wrapped around my husband's head. Uh-huh- in the middle of Bally's! Yeah... go ahead get a visual and laugh, go ahead, it's funny, I know. Oh how I know, I heard all of the people around me snickering and that's okay- because now I know- that contraption is NOT my friend. I will continue my journey to getting physical without the Natilus Gravitron. Thank you very much! Seriously, I had a very good work out and I am looking forward to making it part of my life.

I wanted to post some "before" pictures of me but I realized I don't really have any because I'm always BEHIND the camera! I never want my picture taken because I'm overweight! That's going to change- I'll post a before shot in the next couple of days as I become the "incredible shrinking woman..." shrinking- but definitely NOT sliding on the "Natilus Gravitron!"

Love & Blessings!


ValleyGirl said...

Haha, at least it was your husband and not some glistening employee!! And at least you're working out. That's more than I can say. Good for you, losing 35 pounds!! VERY impressive!!

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, kiss that 35 pounds good-bye!! I am proud of you, great job.

lori said...

YOU made me LAUGH this morning...
"step into my torture chamber"..You made the choice...~GOOD LUCK and tell that Craig to be 'nice' to you ;)(he has a lot at stake too :))

~It's awesome!

Jessica Smith said...

That was pretty funny!

Thanks for a good start to my morning!

~Jessica Smith

Darlene said...

That torture chamber incident sounds hilarious! I think it's so great that you have your husband's encouragement, and literally his support. :)

Angie said...

I hate that stupid gravitron thing. I remember when my trainer friend told me to get on it too. I remember thinking it was going to send me flying......like, shoot me across the room. I did finally get up there and do the darn thing and I actually like it.

Of course, I say all of this and I haven't been to work out in quite a while. I can't seem to find time to fit it into my schedule right now. I will, but first I'm working on the eating issues.

Way to go on the gym attendance and the weight you've already lost. That is awesome!

Elisa @ Extravagant Grace said...

What a great laugh you just gave me! Thanks for sharing and being humble...it was encouraging!

Crystal said...

I love the story, it was great for a chuckle....thanks so much for sharing. It's motivating and inspiring reading everyone's posts!

Susanne said...

I am with you girl!!! I'll be praying for you this week as we strive to LIVE WELL for HIS GLORY!!
Have a good one!!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Good job! I am right there with you starting at the gym! There are some machines i am not wanting to know what they do! Ha! Love your story.
Lifting a prayer for you.

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, if that isn't motivation, what is?
Mama Bear