Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Greetings From Christmas Mountain!

We checked in to Christmas Mountain late last night. We have the cutest villa. There is a great indoor waterpark that the kids are eating up! Who knew we could enjoy water parks in November... IN WISCONSIN! Isabella is a still going through her "terrified" stage. She took one look at the giant frog slide and freaked! Kaitlyn quickly dressed her and took her upstairs to the internet lounge and viewing area. From far away she is quite happy with the water park.

I am SO enjoying this time away. We are in the country and really it feels so nice. I guess I can deny that at heart I am really a country gal! Southern roots tend to do that to you! *Sigh*, I am missing Alabama and Florida today... (you too Christy!)...

We went out and got groceries this morning. Oh how I miss Super Walmart! Chicago doesn't have Super Walmart... just a regular Wally World with a selective row or two of grocery. I felt like I was in familiar territory! Such little things can make me happy sometimes!!!

The only gripe I have is that internet is only available in the main lobby. They have wireless connections for a fee or you can use one of their complimentary kiosks. So my posting may be, well, like it has been lately... hit and miss! Still, there is a wonderful peace in the fact that I am able to rest for a few days. I really needed it!

SO, if I don't get back on in time, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


KOSTAS said...

Bravo Tara, five girls, incredible, the God you it has ALWAYS well.

Anonymous said...

Aww Mom, I miss you too! I miss our Black Friday shopping trips, and our lunches at Frontera! Daniel and I ate there today, and were thinking of you guys! I'm so glad that you guys were able to have this trip! You really needed it! I pray that Ya'll rest, and enjoy, and call us soon!! Love and miss ya'll so much! Happy Thanksgiving, Love you,
Daniel, Christy, Joshua and Hannah!

Pastor Lisa said...

Pastor Tara enjoy the time in the country, in the mountains with the family. It sounds wonderful!