Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Be Encouraged!

Someone shared this with me yesterday and it was so encouraging that I just HAD to share it!

If there are people in your life that continually disappoint you, break promises, and stomp on your dreams, too judgmental, have different values and don't have your back during difficult times...that is not a friend.
To have a friend, be a friend. Sometimes in life as you grow, your friends will either grow or go. Surround yourself with people who reflect your values, goals interests and lifestyle.
When I think of any of my successes, I am thankful to GOD from whom all blessings flow, and to my family and friends that enrich my life. Over the years my phone book has changed because I changed for the better. At first you think you're going to be alone, but after a while new people show up in your life that make your life so much sweeter and easier to endure.
Remember the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together.
If you're an eagle, don't hang around chickens: Chickens Can't Fly!
I love the Lord and thank Him for all that he does in my life, therefore, I'm passing this on. Yes I do love Jesus. He is my source of existence and Savior.
He keeps me functioning each and everyday. Without Him, I will be nothing.
Without Him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things. Phil 4:13
Be Positive - Be progressive. Take the time to make a positive difference in someone's life.
Walk by faith, not by sight Receive God's blessings.
Heal the past; live the present; dream the future.


Love Bears All Things said...

So true. Thanks for sharing this.
Mama Bear

stacey said...

thanks for visiting! what a wonderful new place for me to visit!