Friday, September 07, 2007

Ow, My Aching Feet!

I am home. I am exhausted and I am still incredibly excited about Unstoppable! (Only six days until I leave!)

My trip was successful and productive however, it was always so busy that I didn't stop for even moment. As soon as I got there I had a line of folks needing assistance and then I had to conduct a training. As son as that was done I had to run to the airport to catch my flight... which was literally a RUN! The Detroit Metro Airport is HUGE! So, despite the fact that I was unable to go to the gym yesterday, I did get me walking in! The only trouble was I was wearing the WRONG shoes and I have blisters to prove it! I ran all the way down to my gate, boarded a packed flight and then our friendly pilot announces that O'Hare has delayed us! So we sat and sat for about an hour, then we took off only to be delayed in the air AGAIN! There were storms in Chicago and that also means wind shears so we had to wait them out to land. Finally at 7:45 pm I was in my car with my hubby, Lexi and Izzie. I was starving because I hadn't eaten since lunch and I was stressed from the drama so I told Craig to pull into McDonald's because I wanted a hot fudge sundae (only 7 ww pts)... yes BEFORE I had dinner I was having ice cream and I was smiling too!

Until, Kaitlyn, my sweet high school freshman calls and says she needs some stuff for Intro to Drawing. (My kids started school this past Tuesday so their teachers are still requesting items.) Now here's the thing, first off Kaitlyn is not really "thrilled" with the whole "drawing" thing BUT, at her college prep hs you have to "major" in your electives. She wants to do photography and videography and is an "Art" but intro to drawing is a pre-req. Secondly, it is 8:00 pm and I am beat!

She rattles off this long list of stuff I have NO clue about SO I go home first and get her "list" then I pray for God to direct me where to go. Seriously, I didn't want to drive any further that necessary. So, I popped in at the Office Depot less than a mile away and BINGO! I found everything she needed so it only took me about 20 minutes including drive time!

I fell into bed quite early and I really slept well! This morning I am still feeling a little sleepy though. I don't think daily jet setting is something I want to do a lot of. I don't mind trips lasting a few days but getting on one plane in the am and then getting on again six hours later is a bit much when I have to come home to ministry work, family, and personal responsibilities! Yet, it is something I agreed to when I took this position SO, for the time being Craig and I will work together to make it work.

Anyway, there is much to be done nefore I go home today so I better get to it!

Love & Blessings-

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Anonymous said...

O'Hare is an evil place. You have my sympathies!! Have a great time at "Unstoppable." I'll be praying for you guys (my PW is bringing me and the YP's wife to the IL District WIM conference the following weekend - will you be at that one?)...