Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Works For me Wednesday: Famundo for Families

I happened upon this site and I have just started to use it but I already LOVE it!!!! It is a Command Post for families (organizations too)! It can be accessed from any computer so it is mobile and pretty easy to use (I am still learning)! here is the site:

Read more about this great tool:

It's made for families!

Famundo’s Home Page provides a snapshot view into the other areas in Famundo. Each family member can customize their own home page with a unique theme and select which information will be displayed on it. Since each family member can have their own login, they will be able to view only the information that is important to them.

The public home page can be customized with an image of your choice and a welcome message that will greet visitors when they visit your site.

Everything in Famundo can be made either public, to share with your family and friends, or private.

But we also put parents in control. Even though your child designates something as private, this will only apply to other children within the family. As a parent you have complete reading privileges of everything that is on your child's site.

Simplify your family schedules

You can have an unlimited number of calendars, each with a unique color for easy identification. You can quickly create color-coded calendars for each member of your family, or you might want a work calendar and a home calendar for yourself.

You can add additional calendars from sources like your school or scout troop’s Famundo sites or any public calendar that is available in iCal format.

It is easy to use! Scheduling and rescheduling is simply a matter of dragging and dropping.

We've already created a number of family specific entry screens so scheduling a doctor appointment or family vacation is very easy and straightforward.

Famundo is extremely user friendly; it remembers your past entries so fields are automatically populated as you begin to type. Famundo is also smart enough to understand natural language entry, so you can simply type in "tomorrow @8a" or "Friday @9p" when entering dates and times.

We've even added drive time to our events so you can plan on when you need to leave in order to get to where you're going, and who is going to drive.

Keep track of your friends

Never forget another birthday or anniversary. Don't lose your phone numbers along with your cell phone. Famundo's Address Book is a fully featured contact list where you can store detailed information about your friends and family.

Store birthdays, anniversaries, multiple addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and all the information you need. Contacts can be linked to other parts in Famundo, so you easily access a document you are working on with a friend or plans for your upcoming vacation together.

The Address Book allows each family member to have their own private contact lists or a shared family list.

Contacts can be tagged with keywords so you can easily pull up a list of classmates or team mates. We also allow you to give contacts multiple tags, so the same contact can be included in your classmates, scout troop and team mates list.

Send an e-mail to your entire soccer team directly from your Famundo address book!

Famundo for Families also includes:

Message Board: Running out of room on your fridge door? Famundo Messages are a special type of message that allow you to leave to-dos and reminders for yourself or other members of your family.

List manager: Never forget what to pack for you vacation! Famundo's List Manager is a central location for all your family related lists.

Family Library: Lost the menu to your favorite take-out place? Famundo's Family Library provides a centralized place for storing your documents, photos, bookmarks and other personal information.

You can even set up alerts to go to your email, cell phone, and/or IM. Like I said I am just starting to use Famundo- I'll keep ya'll posted!

Until then, check out more awesome helps and hints at Rocks in My Dryer's Works For Me Wednesday!

Love & Blessings!

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