Wednesday, August 22, 2007

two by Two

Taking this idea off of Pastor Deanna's blog...

1) Two names you go by

Tara, Mom

2) Two things you're wearing right now

Glasses and new black slacks (that are loose!)

3) Two things you want in a relationship

Loyalty and respect

4) Two of your favorite things to do

Write and research (fact finding)

5) Two things you want very badly at the moment

An extra three hours in my day and a completed To Do list

6) Two pets you have had or have now

Peanut (my childhood dog) and Jennifer (our family cat who we had to leave in Florida)

7) Two people who will fill this out first:

Christy and Deborah

8) Two things you did last night

Worked out at the gym with Craig and watched The Lot finale

9) Two people that live in your house

Craig, my hubby and my girls (okay there's five of them)

10) Two people you talked to last

Souzan Rihani (Admin Asst) and Dana Bertogli (VP) (at my secular job)

11) Two things you're doing tomorrow

Working at Kimco and completing (I pray) two hot ministry projects

12) Two longest car rides

Driving from South Florida to Tennessee and moving from East Alabama to Chicago

12) Two of your favorite holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas

13) Two favorite beverages:

Sweet Tea and Cherry Coke Zero

Okay- now back to work! :)

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Deborah said...

hey enjoyed your answers love always me