Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Vegas Edition

Call me crazy- but I REALLY want to visit Vegas! Why? So glad you asked... here are thirteen reasons I want to visit Las Vegas...

1.) I want to ride in a convertible down the strip with my hair whipping in the wind and a flimsy pink scarf blowing off of my shoulders as I holler, "Viva Las Vegas!"

2.) Where else can you get a Prime Rib buffet for $9.95?

3.) I'd love to renew my vows at 2 in the morning with my hubby and then pretend we're first time newlyweds and get a room with the heart shaped spinning bed and wineglass bathtub! (I know it's tacky- who cares!)

4.) To play slots just ONCE- I promise only once- I'm just hankering to pull that level and yell "Come on baby, mama needs a new pair of shoes!"

5.) To see the great Tom Jones- the great Vegas legend!

6.) I want to tour all of the themed hotels- they are really magnificent!

7.) To count Elvis impersonators!

8.) Shopping of course!

9.) To attend a Star Impersonator show!

10.) To stay out till dawn and sleep til five- at least once!

11.) To talk some girl who is not thinking straight out of marrying the drunk idiot she just met!

12.) I've never been to the west coast!

13.) So I can blog all about it!

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Love & Blessings!


Break the Box said...

Count me in! Except for the 2nd and Dad can have that to yourselves! Other than that, I would love to go too!!
Miss you much
Love, Christy

Bebemiqui said...

Vegas is fun...the buffets really are amazing!