Thursday, August 02, 2007

Break the Box

Isn't it great when you find a CD that really moves you? I was recently doing a little online shopping and came across this project by Mary Alessi and Amy Dockery. It also features several other powerful women of God, Martha Munizzi, Cindy Cruse Ratcliffe, Nicole Binion, Da'dra Crawford Greathouse and Ingrid Rosario.

Here's a quote from Mary Alessi's site that I feel truly embodies the substance of this masterpiece,
"By imparting words of deep, life-changing encouragement to women, to men—to all who’ve been alienated from God—Mary and her friends have created a work of compelling beauty that has the power to heal even the most confused and broken of hearts."

With that said, I must say, it is true. something powerful occurs when women worship. I'm not talking about selfish, emotional outbursts. What I am speaking of is pure, intimate, sacred and life changing.

The woman who broke open her alabaster box before Jesus is a picture of this. I have preached about her SO many times. I have found that her story holds a precious key regarding true worship.

"There came a woman having an alabaster box of precious oils; and she broke open the box, and poured it on His head... Mark 14:3

The key she holds is in the "breaking of her box." I believe it is also important to stress that this was HER box. She didn't keep hers at homes and run into Neimen Marcus for a knock off that would serve the purpose. No, she took what was most precious to her, what had cost her so much, what meant everything in the world to her and she broke it open and poured it out. As she poured the oil from the box, a beautiful fragrance filled the room. It changed the atmosphere.

I love the fact that she broke HE
R box. This action relinquished any control she had. You see, if she had just opened the box and poured a measure that she thought was sufficient she could also put the top back on. But, in the breaking of the box, there is a reckless abandonment that cried, "It is all yours Jesus. I'm giving it all to you. I am breaking my box open as a sacrifice to you."

When this time of worship takes place, something happens. Our heart's cry deviates from, "What about me?" to "How I can use what is IN me for You Lord? Here is what I have. I break it open before You. It's no use to me unless it is mixed with Your presence."

This worship touches hearts. It changes lives. It looks religion in the face and dares it to judge. This worship is powerful enough to change the atmosphere.

I honestly didn't mean to go on. My intention was to recommend this awesome CD, When Women Worship. Check it out if you have the opportunity. And the next time you are worshipping Him I dare you to break the box!

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Just Me said...

Never heard of the women you mentioned, but I will definitely check 'em out. I'm always on the look out for new worship CD's too! Is there a website? Or did I miss that! And I loved yoru comments on our hearts - that's just beautiful - gave me food for thought!