Monday, July 30, 2007

Manic Monday Meme

Quick! Off the top of your head list 4 words to describe you today, just as you are right now. (It could be thinking, feeling, looking, etc.- use your imagination.)
Focused Busy! Troubled (a little bit) Pondering

If you had an extra hour in your day today what would you do?

Make Tollhouse cookies for my family!

When is the last time you got lost and what happened?

The last time I got REALLY lost was in Birmingham, AL. I was leading three vanloads of women from my women's ministry to a conference with Yvonne Capehart. It was around 7 pm and getting pretty dark. Our directions were totally WRONG! We ended up in a pretty rough neighborhood. I was fine as I have been involved in enough inner city evangelism events to know that we'd sooner or later find a policeman. And we all had cellphones- seriously, we just needed to get back on track! One of the other women was really scared though! As soon as we saw a police officer, she frantically waved him down and begged him to escort us to our destination, which he did. When we arrived she jumped out of her van and grabbed him up in a full embrace!


Casey's Mom said...

cellphones are really great. even cavemen have them. (thanks to GEICO). LOL!

thanks for stopping by Tara. have a great Tuesday!

Kwizgiver said...

mmmm cookies! Great way to spend an hour.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

lisa said...

Busy- I can understand that as a mom! Thanks for playing along with Manic Monday this week. :-)