Monday, July 09, 2007

Locating the Balance

Today was Monday, my last day as a Project Support Manager. Beginning tomorrow I will start training as Payroll Administrator. I'm up for it but to be honest I'm a little agitated. I can do this job, but it is NOT what I want to do! My heart is just not in this! I'll be honest, I'm doing it for the money. That's it. I dont have a bad attitude, I just see where I want to go and I am bucking every obstacle that threatens to get in my way. HOWEVER, as I said in my previous post, I know God is working on my behalf. I know that His plan is being worked out for my good. Oh Lord, please help me suck it up and listen to you!

I've been working on several projects that MUST be completed in the next two weeks. One of those is "Confessions..." I've got bits and pieces of it everywhere and I am pulling it all together. I'm also putting together my new promotional packet for my speaking ministry. I am excited about this but there are SO many components to it! AND I have to finish the LIFE Groups Resource Manual and meet with 50 different group leaders before the end of the month not to mention the other things I have to do before the fall kick off! I honestly have no idea how I will accomplish it all! And my "To Do" list is growing by the minute!

How do you all manage to balance work, home, family, projects, ministry, etc.? I'd love some feedback and suggestions- and LOTS of prayer!

Am I overcommiting? Am I crazy or do I just need the help of some driven women who can help get me on track?

Come on gals- I'm listening!

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