Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Taking a Time Out!

I know, I know, I have been MIA! But, I am staging a comeback, or at least I am trying to! I honestly feel as if I am being stretched in a million different directions. Well. Okay, maybe not a million- but at least a dozen! Really, at least! My weeks fly by with me trying to steal moments to actually slow down and rest, but then my mind won’t turn off!

Have you ever had that problem? No matter how much you do there is just MORE! And MORE! Ugh! It is enough to push me to cry, “Calgon, Take me away!” But I doubt it would take me very far and I don’t think it would belong enough! Oh, to get away….

One of my favorite “get away” moments is when I can actually sit down and write. It may be writing posts for my blog, a letter, or even a list. Writing is extremely therapeutic for me! It is also “work” but it is “work” I enjoy! I NEED to write! If only I could would find a place to work out my therapy! Which brings me to…

One of the things I have been trying to accomplish is pulling together my office. I have a room, all mine in our basement holding boxes of my books, notes, and files. I have everything I need down there, I only need to find the time to put it all together!

School is coming to an end, so I must finalize summer plans and activities for the girls. Craig is pushing me to sit down with him to plan our vacation. I know he’s thinking if we don’t sit down and plan it, we won’t take one! He’s right and I know we need that time as a family. Lord, help me slow down long enough to plan it!

I also have a very important LIFE Groups Huddle/Training coming up on Saturday, plus Father’s Day Sunday. **Sigh** And my project at my secular job is weighing me down.

Being a mommy at the end of the day has been a real treat lately. My girls want nothing more than the undivided attention of their mom! THAT is something I have been learning to do. Hearing my girls all cry out, “Mommy!” when I come in from work is music to my ears! All of my irritations and “musts” I gladly put on hold so I can spend time with those I adore the most!

Thanks for listening to my ramblin’s today. I feel better! Guess I needed it!

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Deborah said...

Life is hectic! As a pastor's wife, mom, grammy and Executive Secretary at the District Office I can definitely relate to what you are saying. I am very invovled in our ministry as well and sometimes I become so weary I feel as though I cannot do one more thing! I just want to run away and hide from everyone and everything but God always shows up and encourages me. He is always there to give us hope, hugs, encouragement and peace. He reminds us that what we are doing at this season of our life is right. I pray that God will continue to encourage you today.

Blessings to you!