Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kaitlyn's 8th Grade Graduation

Kaitlyn Brooke is my oldest daughter. She graduated eight grade on Saturday. They make 8th grade graduation a really big deal here in Chicago. It's not so much a big deal in the South. But I have to admit, it was really nice. A milestone, a benchmark, something worth recognition. She'll be going to high school next year. She got into the Honors Program at Lane Tech College Prep High School here in Chicago. To get into the really good schools around here you have to either live in the area or get in through selective enrollment. They test you, review your grades from 6th-8th plus your standardized test scores, your attendance and recommendations. It is not an easy task! I felt like we were waiting to hear from colleges! (Four more years for that!)

She got in to her first choice and we are so proud of her. She's earned straight A's since Kindergarten and is an incredibly driven young lady.

We gave her a party on Sunday night so she could hang out with friends and celebrate. It was nice and she does have some really sweet friends. I don't know many kids who can move in the middle of 8th grade and become a well liked role model at their new school and hit it off without missing a beat! Thank God for favor and grace!

My prayer for her this summer is that she'll continue to be a role model and leader and that her relationship with Christ deepens. She has so much in her- drive, potential, ministry. My heart surges every time I think how fast her first 14 years have flown by. I know the next four will too.

I pray that God grants me the courage to give her permission to fly in Him and the wisdom to help guide her there! Mommy loves you Kaitlyn!


Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful tribute to your daughter. Congratulations to her and YOU!!! She didn't become what she is with you.

Break the Box said...

Congrats Katie-bug! I'm so proud of you, wish I could have been there! I will be there for the Senior graduation for sure! Put me on the geust list! Kate is such an awesome person, I've always said that I admire her so much, even at times have been intimidated by her!You guys have so much to be proud of! Miss you all so much!
Love, Christy

Jenn said...

What an incredible woman our Kaitlyn has turned into! I couldn't be prouder and somewhat disappointed that I'm not there to enjoy and observe what she's turned into! I'm glad that she's part of my family and an example to my daughter! I love you Katy!
Aunt GiGi

Kaitlyn said...

Your embarassing me mother.