Monday, May 21, 2007

Come Up Here

I have realized that every time I begin to feel as if I have lost my “bearings” it is generally because I am being “pulled” or “beckoned” to a new level or dimension in Christ. I am not trying to sound “overly spiritual” and I am not off my rocker. There have been about a half dozen times in my life where I have experienced an extreme “beckoning,” a magnetic, yet never forceful pull toward the Father. It is a gentle drawing, it compels me, challenges me, almost dares me to move into a new realm.

Each opportunity like this that I have experienced has been wholly life changing. It centers me. These times with Him renew and restore me. As I feel myself becoming enveloped in Him something happens inside of me. How interesting, huh? The more I am drawn into Him, the more I am drawn out of me!

I have been at such a strange place for almost a year now. For a while I tried to figure it out in my head, but it just wasn’t happening! J The struggle to “hear” Him wasn’t a problem it was the dreading of the “process” that was my struggle. Every time we are called higher into Him, there is a process we must go through. I hate the process. I know it is necessary, but I still don’t like it! I can’t help it. I am a very decisive person and I like things to happen ‘NOW.’ However, I am well aware that is one of the areas I need work on.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I begin to fell like my life is “order-less” or that it lacks organization, or attention in certain areas, I know that is one of God’s ways to get my attention. I have learned that the natural realm often mirrors what is happening in the spirit realm. If my “natural” life lacks order, chances are my spirit man is in need of some God-ordained order as well.

I often tell my girls that they need to “get their heads in the game” when I see them slacking in certain areas or being forgetful. Sometimes this is God’s way of telling me to “get my head in the game.”

I am well aware that the excuses and outing spells are lack luster. He is fed up with my pity parties and my whining. Enough is enough. It is time to allow Him to start and complete the process of bringing me up higher.

One of my favorite Christian artists is Jason Upton. He is an incredibly gifted and tuned-in prophetic voice through music. I could literally listen to him for hours. Something about the flow he gets in stirs my spirit. There is a song he wrote and sings which is actually about John on the Island of Patmos. However, the song speaks to me.

“Come Up Here” (Jason Upton)

I was dreaming of the holy city
I was wearing my wings
Then I looked up and saw a doorway to heaven
And I heard you calling me

Come up here, come up now
My beloved, my beloved
Come up here, come up now
My beloved, my beloved,
I wanna fly
like an eagle in the sky
I wanna fly through that doorway in the sky

He is calling me to “come up, to climb to higher heights and got to deeper depths in Him. My heart’s cry is to be like Him, to know Him, to please Him, and to get through this process so I can begin the next leg of the destiny He’s ordained for me.

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Mindy said...

OH Tara -
My hearts cry IS to be like HIM too!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on me and my post.
If you read my 7 random things about me - then you will know that my brain and mouth don't work together so anything I say or write that brings HIM glory is FROM HIM --I can't speak(or write) intellegibly without HIM!!!!