Thursday, March 22, 2007

Five Things That Irritate Me or God, Please Give Me Grace!

  • Incessant cursing…
    Honestly! Is it necessary? Of course not! I feel like buying every person that I hear using curse words like they are verbs and adjectives a Webster’s dictionary!
    Come on, there are millions of words in the English language!

  • People who are negative ALL of the time!
    Whenever I hear someone being negative, something in me jumps up and tries to find SOMETHING positive I can say. People who constantly whine, complain and hem-haw about how terrible things are, or might be, or could be really get to me! I have made it a mission of mine to do my best to find something positive to say about every potentially negative situation.

  • Questionable flamboyant lifestyles
    So you want to live your life in a questionable, sinful manner, okay, your choice! But PLEASE, don’t throw it in my face! I am a born again Christian, I am also a licensed, ordained minister BUT, I don’t force my belief system or lifestyle choices down the throats of anyone else in some Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras-ish way!
    I am not in agreement with the choice of lifestyles of these individuals, however, it is not my place to judge. Personally, I believe that if you have to go to THAT extreme in “proving” who you are, the person you are trying to convince most is probably yourself!
    The “questionable” part I can deal with, not agree with, but, deal, yeah, I can. I know prayer changes things and prayer I know how to do. But the “in your face,” ta-da of it all really irks me! I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just being honest!

  • Rude people
    I was recently in Wal-mart buying stuff for church when a woman stood right in front of the aisle I needed to stroll down with her cart sideways. I smiled politely from behind my own cart and said a pleasant, “Excuse me.” She cocked her head the other way and pretended not to hear me as she rifled through her basket.
    Giving her the benefit of doubt by assuming she had not heard me, I again said, “Excuse me.” She again ignored my request and continued with her basket. I was beginning to get a little steamed as I once more said, “Excuse me.” By this time I was also blocking traffic, apologizing left and right. As I tried to excuse myself (huh!), I edged my basket a bit barely nudging hers. When I did this, she jerked her head up. I smiled and said, yet again, “Excuse me, may I get by?” She mumbled something and jerked her cart out of the way. I said, “Thank you.”
    As I walked away from her, I heard her saying something about how I had been rude. I shook it off and selected my items for purchase. As I headed toward the checkout I saw my friend once again. This time she was with a group of women obviously dressed and shopping for a church function. I instantly knew that my “encounter” had been with the pastor’s wife because the women were addressing her as “First Lady.” They obviously seemed upset over something that was bothering “First Lady.” She caught my eye as I walked by and mumbled something to the other women as she gestured in my direction. I heard one of them blurt out something about “praying for me.” I had obviously offended “First Lady” even though she was one the one who had been so rude to me!
    As I past them, I heard them begin to whisper to which I simply smiled and tossed a “Yep, pray for me. I can sure use it!” I kept walking as they snickered behind me.
    I have learned to “hold my peace” with such people and incidents but I have to admit, they really irritate me!

  • Pet names meant to demote or degrade
    Okay, let me explain. My husband calls me “honey,” “babe,” “darlin’,” etc. That is fine. No issue! BUT, when people look at me and “slop sugar” (as I like to call it), I can’t stand it!
    I try to be professional and upstanding in all I do, so when I address or greet someone with respect, I have an issue with replies such as, “Hi, how are you sweetheart,” or “Thank you darlin’.” I feel it is a way people try to “one up” each other.
    My husband thinks I am silly for feeling this way. He thinks I am taking it too seriously. However, no one ever addresses him as, “Little Man,” or “Sport,” or “Slugger.” Why? Because he is a man and they respect him.
    I try to not take everything “so seriously’ but sometimes it just gets to me!

    Anyway, this is my “abridged” edition of irritation points for me! I know some of them may seem petty, but I’m just trying to keep it real! Pray for me! :)

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